About TPI

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Inmate Pay Phone System - TPI - Garland TXTelecom Products, Inc. (TPI) started out refurbishing payphone enclosures for Independent Payphone Providers (IPP) over 20 years ago. With the many changes in the industry and the need for additional parts and enclosures, TPI became involved in the actual manufacture of enclosures, pedestals and related payphone enclosures parts with the development of sheet metal fabrication services.

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Air/Water Machine - TPI - Garland TXExpanding into additional markets, TPI has become a leading provider of coin-operated water/air and combination machines used in self service and car wash installations. This includes advanced technology to secure cash deposits in such devices. Today, TPI is considered the leader in this industry.

With the acquisition of a line of security parts for the coin laundry industry, another avenue was paved to utilize the sheet metal fabrication manufacturing facility and capabilities already in place.

Because of the wide range of capabilities and it’s in-house production systems, TPI has the full design to finished production capabilities that furnish superior products at excellent price points.

Recent acquisitions in machining has further enhanced TPI manufacturing capabilities and has made TPI a broad based manufacturer and provider of parts and components across many industries as well as our own products.

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Car Vacuum Machine - TPI - Garland TXThe capability to produce various security parts as well as develop new designs, allows TPI to spread its wings into new territories.With a solid core of dedicated employees and a sheet metal fabrication manufacturing facility that has just begun to enter new frontiers, TPI looks forward to supplying the needs of interested customers.

A full overview of our capabilities is available here.